Lancashire Traction Engine Club

For all steam preservation enthusiasts

Regulations of the Lancashire Traction Engine Club Limited

1. Full Membership:

Any person over the age of 18 with a genuine interest in the objects of the Club is eligible for full membership, provided he or she pays any subscriptions due and signs an undertaking relating to the liability of members in the event of the Club being wound up.

2. Family Membership:

Family membership of the Club is open to an individual and includes members of his or her family provided they are all resident at the same address. The subscription for family membership shall be 150% of the full membership. Family membership shall carry full voting powers and eligibility for nomination as a Director, provided persons are aged 18 or over.

3. Junior Membership:

Junior membership of the club is open to anyone who has not reached the age of 21 prior to the 1st April. The subscription for junior membership shall be 50% of the full membership, and the undertaking given by such a member must be countersigned by a parent or legal guardian. Junior members do not have voting powers nor are they eligible for nomination as a Director.

4. Life Membership:

The management committee is empowered to confer Honorary Life Membership on a person who it considers has rendered exceptional service to the Club. This conferment shall be ratified at the next A.G.M. as a proposal from the Directors. A life member shall be a full member of the Club, have full voting powers and shall be eligible for election as a Director. The Directors will undertake to personally guarantee the life members’ liability should the Club be wound up. A list of life members shall be published each year at the A.G.M.

5. Membership ceases if a member gives notice in writing or fails to pay the annual subscription within three months of the said subscription becoming due. The annual subscription shall be determined at an A.G.M. Subscriptions fall due on the 1st day of April each year and last for 12 calendar months. However persons who join after the end of September shall be deemed to have paid until the end of March of the following Club year. This concession only applies to new members.

6. Guarantee Provisions:

Membership (full or junior) implies acceptance of the Articles of Association and regulations of the Company (limited by guarantee). Each member is bound to pay a sum not exceeding one pound to the assets of the Company in the event of its being wound up and insolvent, and this liability continues for one year after membership ceases.